Filtering bottle for tap water

What is the impact of filtering pot usage
What is the impact of filtering pot usage?
January 3, 2019
How does the Dafi filtering jug work
How does the Dafi filtering jug work?
January 14, 2019
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Filtering bottle is the perfect complement to the product range for filtering water.

Well-known and widely used filtering jugs are very well-suited in homes where there is continuous access to the source, i.e. the tap. However, bottled water purchased in stores was for a long time the only alternative outside the house. This changed with the appearance of the Dafi filtering bottle.

What is a filtering bottle?

It is a convenient, ergonomic bottle made of plastic, available in three capacities. The small bottle will hold 0.3l of water will be great for walks or when going out to the playground. Medium, with a capacity of 0.5l is a convenient solution for a longer stay outside for example at work or the gym. A 0.7l bottle was created for long trips or more exhausting workouts. All of them are available in different colours; they also have a comfortable handle.

How to filter water?

Each bottle is equipped with an individual exchangeable filter. Thanks to this, it can be refilled with tap water wherever we are at any moment. The filter lasts for a month, after which it should be replaced. One filter can replace up to 300 0.5-litre bottles of water from the store! There is also a rotary date stamp on the bottle that reminds you of the date of filter replacement.

Why is it worth using a filtering bottle?

The bottle is therefore a very convenient, economic and ecological solution. We are sure that wherever we are, water is clean and safe, free from harmful substances, deposits and mechanical impurities. It positively affects the home budget, limiting the production of waste, in particular plastic bottles; it is also much cheaper than bottled water. The filters designed for Dafi bottles are biodegradable, so they have no harmful effect on the natural environment. Bottles, like jugs, are safe and made of materials approved for contact with drinking water.