Filtering bottles – Dafi or Brita?

How does the Dafi filtering jug work
How does the Dafi filtering jug work?
January 14, 2019
Tap water filter – is it worth buying
Tap water filter – is it worth buying?
January 27, 2019
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The introduction of filtering bottles to the market is a perfect complement to the water filtering products offer. While at home you can use filtering jugs or flow filters, mounted directly on the water supply pipes. After leaving the house there was no other choice but to purchase bottled water at a store. Thanks to filtering bottles, clean and healthy water can be with us everywhere. The only condition is that we have to have the access to tap water.

How does the bottle work?

The principle of the whole operation is the same as with filtering jugs. The bottle is nothing more but a container for tap water with a filter cartridge. Just pour tap water into it and take it with you. It can be repeatedly filled during the day, wherever we can find a water tap. The filter in bottles perfectly purifies water from deposits and mechanical impurities, as well as removes the smell and taste of chlorine and possible organic pollutants, such as heavy metals.

How to choose a bottle?

Two producers – Brita and Dafi, produce the most popular bottles. Both Dafi and Brita’s bottles are made of the highest quality plastic, approved for contact with drinking water and do not contain harmful B-type bisphenol. They are equipped with interchangeable filters that need to be replaced every 4 weeks. They vary in design and available capacities.

Brita offers 2 types of bottles. Soft Active bottle with a capacity of 0.6 or 1 litre and the more versatile bottle – Vital –  made with transparent plastic, it has only one capacity of 0.6 litre. Both are available in 4 colour versions.

Dafi offers up to 3 product sizes, including a very handy small bottle holding 0.3 litre of water. Medium 0.5l bottle is ideal for walks or shorter trips, or if we have a source of tap water nearby. The largest 0.7l bottle in the offer is ideal for longer trips or during intense workouts. Dafi bottles are distinguished by an ergonomic shape with easy grip and as many as 9 colour versions. The highest quality, greater choice of capacities and colours and a more attractive price of both bottles and filters make Dafi the best choice.