Tap water filter – is it worth buying?

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January 21, 2019
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Tap water filter – is it worth buying

Even though the quality of tap water has been improving recently, its taste and purity is still not to be trusted absolutely. The water supplied by the water supply system has to overcome many obstacles, such as questionable quality pipes and devices that bring it to our taps (where even some rust or sand can appear). Water goes a very long way, which means that even thoroughly cleaned water can get polluted. Thanks to modern purification filters placed in jugs and filtering bottles, available to be used at homes, we can always enjoy the benefits of drinking and cooking with clean and healthy water.

Filtered water is good for our health

Health comes first, as it is the most important. Thanks to activated carbon filters, water has a better taste, is odourless and, above all, is free of harmful substances, like heavy metals, i.e. lead or copper or pesticides. Modern filters, however, do not eliminate microelements that have positive effect on the human body, such as calcium and magnesium. Water softened with carbon filters is also recommended to prevent kidney stones and it helps to avoid micronutrient deficiencies.

Secondly, using jugs and water filters can also reduce the household expenses, due to the fact that a litre of filtered water is even 10 times cheaper than bottled water. We can drink the most easily available water from the tap, without any worries about its quality or pollution.

It is also worth to start using tap water filters for ecological reasons. Being eco is not only a trend, but it became a conscious choice for millions of people. With filtering water at home we save the natural environment. Filters are recyclable, and using jugs and filtering bottles can reduce waste production by up to 26kg of plastic per year.