What is the impact of filtering pot usage?

Filtering bottle for tap water
January 8, 2019
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What is the impact of filtering pot usage

Filtering jugs appeared in our homes many years ago and are gaining popularity each year. Although the quality of tap water improves and the treatment stations are more and more modern, it is the jugs with interchangeable filters that guarantee that the water we drink or use for cooking was thoroughly cleaned, is tasteless and odourless, healthy and safe. Dafi filtering jugs are available in various variants – glass, plastic, with a capacity of 2 to 4 litres, in different colours and patterns. They are durable, made of the highest quality materials, approved for contact with drinking water, not containing BPA (bisphenol type A) and have appropriate approvals.

Modern filtering jugs, however, are more then only devices cleaning water perfectly. Thanks to standard filters, we get water that is an alternative to bottled water, ideal for direct consumption and for preparing meals or drinks, and the degree of hardness is reduced. Dafi jugs that are equipped with proper filters offer additional functions. AntiLime filter especially cares for household appliances that use water, e.g. refrigerators with water dispenser, kettles, irons and coffee makers. The technology used in this filter significantly reduces the hardness of tap water, and thus reduces the deposition of scale in devices, so that they do not require such frequent cleaning and may last longer without failure. The MineralUp filters – in addition to the purification function – are enriched with magnesium ions, thus preventing shortages of this valuable element, so important, among others, for normal heart function. The AlkalineUp filter is an alkaline filter, created to improve the quality of tap water and to satisfy the thirst with mineralized water with alkaline-generating properties.

All filters also retain beneficial minerals in the water, such as calcium, sodium, potassium and magnesium ions, without causing sterilization. Thanks to Dafi jugs, we always have clean, healthy and tasty water available.